Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyToddlerLink?

MyToddlerLink is dedicated to keeping you connected to your child's daycare center by way of streaming Internet video. We provide you the opportunity to view your child anytime throughout the day, regardless of where you are, as long as you have Internet access. Whether at home, at the office, or even in another country, you and other members of your family can log-on to our site and check in on your children.

How does it work?

MyToddlerLink places small, unobtrusive web cameras throughout the daycare center in playrooms, playgrounds, eating areas, and any other common area in the facility. We value the privacy of the children and do not place cameras in changing areas or restrooms.

We offer full-color streaming video, which means that the images parents see are not still shots, but rather live video which refreshes at the rate of about one image per second. MyToddlerLink will install the highest speed Internet connection available at each day care center; either via cable modem, DSL, or ISDN to ensure the best quality of images.

How do parents view their children?

Each parent signs an agreement with MyToddlerLink and chooses a unique user ID and password. To view his or her child, the parent simply goes to our website, clicks on the Members Sign-in button and logs in using her ID and password, then chooses the room she wishes to view. It's that easy for parents to be connected with their children at anytime throughout the day!

In Addition, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members are able to view their child - with the parents permission. We will provide up to six user ID's for each account at no additional cost.

How secure is the site?

Security is a primary concern for all of us at MyToddlerLink, as it is for childcare providers and parents. To ensure that only the parents and authorized users are accessing the system, we take the following precautions:

In addition, all Internet camera views are subject to time restrictions, meaning that no one can leave one view up on his or her computer all day. It is an added security measure so that if a parent leaves her desk while logged into the site no one can inadvertently or intentionally view the children over the parent's connection. The system is not designed to be a surveillance monitor; rather our aim is to allow parents to simply watch their child playing with other children, eating lunch, and doing the same activities parents would see if they could be there in person.

How much does it cost?

MyToddlerLink typically will enter into a contract with the child care center to provide our service, so the child care center pays for the service, not the parent. The cost to the center varies depending on its size, number of rooms, location, wiring requirements, etc. The cost is normally less than $1.50 per week per family. While the daycare center may bill the parents for the service, most centers build it in their normal tuition charges. (They often do a one-time modest rate increase to recover their costs.) Regardless of the center's pricing plan, additional family members can be added to the parent's account at no additional charge.